The rapid growth of urban air pollution is one of the most serious outcomes of global urbanization.

Cities around the globe are struggling to manage high levels of air pollution. Accurate measurement of air pollution is critical to understanding and addressing its impact on the environment and on our health.

Although these solutions can help to reduce pollution levels, if city officials are to fully understand and improve air quality conditions, pollutants must be accurately measured, monitored, and managed.


Currently, most cities measure air pollution using large environmental monitoring stations. Their high cost limits their deployment, resulting in large gaps in coverage. These large stations can’t effectively capture the local nature of harmful pollution within city environments.

In response to the air pollution challenge our team have developed an air quality monitoring device – the AirTracker. The unique design of the AirTracker allows for simple, efficient, and scalable deployment. It is low cost to manufacture and to operate making it an ideal solution for organisations developing Smart Cities, for councils, schools, hospitals, shopping centres and for mining and industrial sites.